We bring imagination to our client's business challenges

InfoBuilders is a Multifaceted End to End IT Solutions Provider. Providing services in all aspects of Enterprise Transformation -- from Strategy to Information technology and Human Resources.

We at InfoBuilders work as a Team across functions and businesses, delivering a powerful combination of end to end IT Solutions. We partner with our clients to improve their business in all major industries. We use information and technology to achieve remarkable results in ways that have a profound impact on a client's entire enterprise.

At InfoBuilders, we apply technology with innovation and responsibility to achieve two broad objectives:

1. Effectively address the business issues our customers face today
2. Generate new opportunities that will help them stay ahead in the future

At InfoBuilders, we work to bring a blend of practicality and imagination to our clients' business challenges. And because of what we do for our clients, we're a part of your world -- in all sorts of ways you might not even realize. Given our technological depth and breadth, we have developed a common approach that underlies all our areas of operation. Using this, we consistently deliver solutions that maximize value for our customers. This approach rests on:

A strategy where we Architect, Integrate and Manage technology services and solutions
A robust offshore development methodology that offers the advantages of parallel development and reduced demand on customer resources

InfoBuilders' Services span the entire value chain, from inbound logistics through customer service and support. We help clients integrate technologies including Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain, Enterprise Application Integration, eCommerce, Datawarehousing , middleware technology, integration applications, and legacy interfaces -- to solve common business problems.

A strong client service orientation has always played a big part in InfoBuilders' success. The InfoBuilders' concept of "service" encompasses every aspect of our services. It starts with our consultants' initial contact with a client and extends to product quality, client responsiveness and satisfaction. While our service levels are excellent today in each InfoBuilders' practices, we always strive for perfection. We call this commitment to excellence "World Class IT Services."

To achieve World Class IT Solutions, we constantly delight our clients and exceed our clients' expectations. We view World Class IT Services as our ultimate, over-riding goal in everything we do. The closer we get to providing World Class IT Services, the higher we raise the standard for achieving it.