InfoBuilders' business is based on the belief that:

Each client and prospect counts. Each person counts; each deed counts; and each contact between a client or a prospect and an employee counts. Each client and prospect is either prospective future business or a prospective loss depending upon the quality of our Services, Solutions and Consultants.

Outstanding satisfied Employees are the key to our success.

We are committed to attracting, motivating, empowering and retaining a team of exceptionally dedicated, talented employees who have excellent IT skills, experience and strong work ethic and results-orientation, who believe in and support our core values, and who reflect the diverse business environments in which we operate.

We offer our employees challenges, opportunities, advancement, competitive compensation and benefits, and personal training and development in an informal, fast-paced, non-bureaucratic environment that is sensitive to work-family and flexible schedule issues.

We provide technologies that enable our employees to continually meet our clients' ever-changing needs and preferences. We want each employee to feel like an integral part of a team that is making a discernible positive contribution to InfoBuilders' success.

We are committed to achieving World Class IT Service.

We exceed our clients' requirements and expectations by providing IT solutions that enable them to succeed in their businesses. We define service broadly, from initial contact with a prospect, to product quality, to anticipating client need and preferences, to overall client satisfaction. It requires InfoBuilders' consultants to treat every interaction with a client as an opportunity to enhance that client's perception of InfoBuilders. We are committed to investing in state-of-the-art technologies to develop, deliver and support our services and solutions.

Success is measured by increasing numbers of extremely satisfied clients, higher client retention rates, broader client relationships, increased market share, higher employee retention rates, and consistent implementation of our values and Corporate Philosophy resulting in ever-increasing revenues and growth.

InfoBuilders' most critical special strength, the key element in our success, is our worldwide team of consultants. They share "Our Vision" and help us succeed in the Global IT Marketplace.

An Important Challenge

Our business team needs to respond to constantly changing client needs, and changes dictated by the marketplace. Past successes do not ensure a successful future. Nothing can be taken for granted. Complacency is a powerful enemy. We must continuously anticipate, and adapt to, changing conditions. We must seize and exploit new market opportunities, and aggressively and consistently seek to implement "Our Vision" 100% of the time.