About Us

"We do it right the first time."

InfoBuilders is a Multifaceted End to End IT Solutions Provider. Providing services in all aspects of Enterprise Transformation -- from Strategy to Information technology and Human Resources. At InfoBuilders customer satisfaction is the top priority of every employee and the purpose of every job. Cost-effective ongoing achievement of customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. Excellence is expected in quality and quantity of work performed by every consultant on every project. We focus on efficiency, flexibility and speed for competitive advantage enabling our customers success in every phase of business.

Here are three big ways our work focuses on improving our clients' business:

One: From cutting costs to creating new sources of revenue, we help our clients develop the Information technology strategies and processes to make the most of Technological advancements.

Two: We help them envision new goods and services or enhance existing ones, creating whole new markets that may never have been possible before. And, of course, we develop the operations to support them.

Three: We help generate and use information technology to broaden and strengthen relationships our clients have with their own customers and suppliers -- increasingly valuable links in a changing marketplace. And our pre-eminent strength is our ability to implement latest IT technologies. With every new day, the quest for acquiring new competencies continues and InfoBuilders enables companies to meet these challenges. Our goal is to create value for our customers by leveraging our experience, industry knowledge, expertise and our commitment to quality service. Our approach is to serve our clients with speed, flexibility and consistency enabling them to capitalize on business and technology opportunities.

We always do it with the same laser focus good business have been built on:

Clarity of vision
Strong Execution

To achieve World Class IT Solutions, we constantly delight our clients and exceed our clients' expectations. We view World Class IT Services as our ultimate, over-riding goal in everything we do. The closer we get to providing World Class IT Services, the higher we raise the standard for achieving it. This year, we are investing more than ever before in our Employees, Offshore Development centers, Technology Labs and processes to raise service quality levels even higher. It's our belief that these investments will help improve client retention, enhance quality, reduce delivery time and increase employee retention. And that benefits everyone!