Evaluating and deploying new technologies requires capability, experience, and resources. Many organizations lack one or more of these critical elements. Filling these gaps, or managing the entire project from inception to completion, is the role of InfoBuilders' IT Consulting Services. InfoBuilders' Consulting combines highly skilled and qualified professionals with proven best practice methodologies developed through real world experience with our many clients. The results are projects that are delivered on-time, within specifications, and most importantly, a solution that aligns IT initiatives with your current and emerging business requirements and objectives.

InfoBuilders' Consulting Services provide cost-effective implementation, support and optimization services for enterprise, e-commerce and m-commerce applications.

Our experienced consultants use proven methods and tools to rapidly implement and customize enterprise applications to fit your business processes. To help you keep pace with application changes and enhancements, our consultants will cost-effectively enhance and upgrade your systems to deliver operational and performance improvements and efficiencies that result in reduced costs and higher user satisfaction.

InfoBuilders offers the expertise, processes and strong project management for integrating new e-commerce applications with existing applications and technology. Our technical and functional consultants leverage our expertise in enterprise architecture and systems integration to efficiently integrate and customize new applications such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), e-procurement and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Market knowledge, swift decision-making, and rapid adaptation are critical to succeeding in a competitive and changing marketplace. How you utilize information is key, and your technical infrastructure is crucial to collecting data from a variety of sources. InfoBuilders develops and delivers best-of-breed technology solutions that empower organizations to reach their business goals.

InfoBuilders' Services span the entire value chain, from inbound logistics through customer service and support. We help clients integrate technologies -- including middleware technology, integration applications, and legacy interfaces -- to solve common business problem.

InfoBuilders' Solutions enable businesses to use information efficiently. They support data analysis through areas such as Web Analytics, Enterprise Information Portals (EIPs), Analytical Customer Relationship Management, traditional data warehouses, and Enterprise Data Architectures.

InfoBuilders - Middleware solutions provide the technology that allows custom built and/or packaged business applications to exchange important information in formats and contexts that each understands. The resulting architecture enables organizations to more rapidly modify business process automation in response to changing business needs.

InfoBuilders - Portal solutions for Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) offer windows into the information, systems, and processes of an enterprise. EIP is a data management strategy that enables team members to share, compare, and analyze information through the Internet. It builds on the infrastructure of OS, Networks, RDBMS, Middleware, and Workflow Engines.

Custom Development solutions span the entirety of our clients' value chain and can include a variety of other solutions, from strategy to technology implementation, architecture definition, business analysis, and custom design and development. We offer a breadth of technology skills, vendor relationships, and design, development, and deployment skills.

Project Management provides project and program management consulting and project support services for large, complex project delivery. Project Execution assistance including risk assessment and mitigation development, quality analysis (QA), test planning and execution, project reviews, and next phase planning and estimation.

InfoBuilders is one of the most experienced systems integrators and application service providers. We monitor the marketplace to identify emerging technology trends, technologies, and opportunities to develop best-of-breed solutions for your business.