For customers implementing enterprise applications, InfoBuilders' offshore development and maintenance service line offers complete solutions. InfoBuilders is an onshore/offshore solutions partner whose consultants and Project Managers have many years of full solutions experience, a set of proven methodologies, and a list of successful project.

Business Case

Clear, Well-articulated Objectives
InfoBuilders' consultants work closely with client representatives on site to develop detailed requirements.
   Construction activities are performed offshore
A carefully planned and executed phased approach to offshore work transition assures appropriate knowledge transfer and
   maintains high service levels
Well Defined service / success metrics -- in sync with Business Objectives
Periodic Audits and Service Reviews
Measurement Analysis and Reviews
Win-win Terms and Conditions

Offsite Development

In Offsite Development, work is performed at InfoBuilders' own development facility at its offices in the US. Prior to the beginning of any work, the InfoBuilders' team meets with the customer team to work out the details of the engagement. The project scope, deliverables, screen layouts, reporting, functionality issues, timelines, etc. are all be defined in detail. A small mockup of the actual application may also be developed during this phase to understand the look-and-feel of the end product.

After the definition phase, work moves to a InfoBuilders facility. Deliverables and other progress reports will be made available to the customer at pre-agreed intervals. The customer, if they choose, can be provided remote access into the development server via a VPN . By accessing the development server remotely, the customer can monitor progress in real time, and maintain overall control even though work is being carried out offsite. This approach is ideal for engagements where:

The scope has been defined in detail
The scope will not undergo any more changes once the requirements are agreed upon

The InfoBuilders' Offshore Development Center comprises of a InfoBuilders Solutions facility and staff dedicated for use for a client's IT project requirements. The Center ideally consists of a team of trained application specialists and programmers operating out of InfoBuilders facilities in India, and another team operating out of the client's office. The Offshore team links up to client's offices and machines via dedicated links and thereby works in the same environment as the client's IM team. The essential components of a InfoBuilders' Offshore Practice are:

Scope Signing
Key Personnel Identification
Onsite Knowledge Acquisition
Offsite Simulation
Offsite Infrastructure Setup
Project Plan Signoff
Offsite Team Formation
Offsite Team Training
Offsite Project Execution - Pilot
Offsite Project Execution - Mainstream

Offshore Advantages


InfoBuilders Development centers are spread across the globe with Technologies labs and R&D centers in India - New Delhi, Punjab, Pune, Banglore & Hyderabad and US, Canada.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

InfoBuilders Technology labs & development centers are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software resources. These include open systems environments like UNIX to legacy IBM environments and the latest tools to ensure software productivity and quality.

Global development centers in US, Canada, UK, and India, expand the capabilities of InfoBuilders' global delivery model to leverage talent and infrastructure in different parts of the world.


InfoBuilders has a resource pool of over hundreds of professionals with expertise across a wide range of technologies. The above pool of people is recruited, developed and retained by a comprehensive recruitment, training, project rotation and remuneration strategy.

On Time, On Budget Deliveries

InfoBuilders has a proven track record in offshore development with clients across the globe. InfoBuilders delivers projects on time and within budget 80% of the time.

Shortened Lead Times for Project Start-up

The client can leverage the ready infrastructure provided by the InfoBuilders to jump-start its projects. This substantially shortens lead times for project start-up.

Significant Cost Advantage

The InfoBuilders' Offshore Development Model typically provides cost savings of 35-40% as compared to an in-house execution.

Leverage Strong Project Management Expertise

InfoBuilders brings strong Project Management expertise with a highly experienced team of project managers.

Shortened Development Cycles

InfoBuilders' Development team works on 24-hour basis due to a 12-hour time zone difference between India and the US.

With sustained infrastructure investments over the years, we have created a world class knowledge-networked work environment from where our employees provide high quality solutions to clients. These investments enhance employee productivity and reduce engagement risk for our clients.

A multi-dimensional approach, planned to support growth and technology advancement, ensures that the solutions we architect for our clients are built in a most productive and effective manner.

These centers enhance client comfort and expand our engagement capabilities, to provide a wider range of services such as business consulting and technology architecture that involve high levels of client interaction over shorter engagement spans.

Customer Benefits

Business and technical leadership to help clients address complex technical solutions
Value based cost model where client can save 40-50% or more of US based IT development and maintenance costs
Ability and willingness to work on T/M, Fixed price, or SLA based cost models
Experienced staff and proven methodologies to implement best practices and manage project risk