Testing Tools

Applications that do not work in production can cost companies millions of dollars. Imagine how many potential customers would leave a web site if the links did not work properly. Sound quality assurance programs utilizing high-quality testing tools are required to ensure customer satisfaction.

InfoBuilders delivers a wide range of quality assurance and automated testing services featuring tools from major vendors including functional testing tools and scripting languages with tools such as QARun from Compuware, WinRunner from Mercury Interactive and Visual Test from Rational Software (IBM). Load testing tools and associated scripting languages on tools such as LoadRunner from Mercury Interactive, QALoad from Compuware, Webload from Radview Software and others.

InfoBuilders' consultants are also skilled at managing the testing process with test data management tools such as File-Aid from Compuware for test data generation, extraction, and comparison and TestBytes from Mercury Interactive; and whitebox testing tools such as NuMega DevPartner for checking code complexity, code coverage, and memory leaks.

UNIX Administration

UNIX systems are in place in every industry and at almost every company. The need to manage and administrate these systems is a huge concern for corporate IT. Companies need to have skilled UNIX professionals in place to ensure that these mission-critical systems are optimized and running smoothly.

InfoBuilders' consultants and professionals are skilled in the most popular UNIX environments, as well as some of the more obscure ones. InfoBuilders' consultants are skilled in HP-UX, IBM AIX and Sun Solaris, among other UNIX technologies. InfoBuilders' consultants are also very proficient in Linux and its variants.

Data Warehouse

For a successful corporate data warehouse implementation, a company needs a full complement of skilled IT professionals. Positions needed on the team include a project manager, to ensure the warehouse is aligned with the business needs and to develop project plans to support the warehouse as it matures. Also needed is a data modeler, who creates the subject area diagram, the logical data model, and the data warehouse data model. Other critical positions include data warehouse architect, database administrator, programmer/analyst, and business analyst.

Companies come to InfoBuilders for the professionals that make up this team.

InfoBuilders' consultants and professionals have experience with many data warehousing and mining technologies including Angoss Software KnowledgeStudio and KnowledgeSeeker, Computer Associates Neugents, Gemplus SLP InfoWare, IBM DB2 Intelligent Miner, NCR/Teradata TeraMiner, Oracle Data Mining Suite (Darwin), SAS Enterprise Miner, SPSS Clementine, Quadstone Decisionhouse, and Unica Affinium. InfoBuilders' consultants and professionals are skilled at products from most vendors in the data space including Brio, Business Objects, Cognos, Information Advantage, InfoSpace, Microstrategy, Platinum (CA), SAS, Hyperion, Redbrick and Prism.