InfoBuilders' consultants know that Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a driving factor in today's business world. With global sourcing and sales, the scope and complexity of supply chains can be significant. Customers, and their requirements, drive the process. They demand that their orders be shipped, complete, accurate, on time, and in the manner they require. The IT systems that support the supply chains are complex and require skilled professionals to manage them.

InfoBuilders' consultants and professionals work with companies to understand what is required and the impact, both financial and operational. The SCM must work at all levels, strategically and tactically to be effective, and companies trust InfoBuilders to ensure that they get the best return from their technology investment. InfoBuilders' consultants and professionals are proficient in the leading SCM technologies and know exactly what is required to ensure that the systems work as planned for our clients.

InfoBuilders' consultants help clients:

Ensure that all system requirements are understand and met
Develop solutions to manage the all processes
Maximize all entry points to ensure that all vendors are properly represented in the supply chain

Throughout the entire supply chain, InfoBuilders' consultants trained in the technologies that allow our customers and their partners to maintain real-time contact to ensure speed of information exchange. InfoBuilders consultants will work with your staff to develop custom interfaces or utilize current interfaces to allow real-time information exchange throughout the supply chain. InfoBuilders' consultants are committed to ensuring that our customers optimize their supply chain technology investment.

Companies implementing supply chain management (SCM) solutions need IT partners who understand how to increase revenues, reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and improve vendor relations throughout the value chain. Collaboration with trading partners can increase revenue growth when the systems are implemented properly and with all of the right considerations.

In order to help you maximize your business, your IT partner should be focusing on the margin generating processes and high-cost areas through your value chain. These areas may include planning, procurement, logistics, and product development. The key goals need to be based around improving the bottom line and improving operations.

InfoBuilders' consultants and professionals understand the supply chain and how to ensure that your technology investment pays off with big dividends. Our consultants can help by helping you design, deploy, and manage high-performing and value-driven supply chain management solutions. InfoBuilders' consultants understand supply chain strategy, supply chain planning, logistics, procurement, product lifecycle management, supply chain enterprise applications, and supply chain operations. They are skilled in all major applications including those from Manugistics and I2.