The new economy's main impact is an ever-increasing transparency in the interactions between an enterprise's stakeholders: its workforce, customers and suppliers. At InfoBuilders we focus on the fundamental changes in every aspect of these interactions. E-business extends the reach of technology far beyond the enterprise -- and even beyond the desktop. Mobile business, browser-based access, and personalized solutions -- all demand flexible, open, networked technologies that maximize bandwidth and integrate multiple platforms.

But openness and flexibility alone are not enough. Effective e-business technology has to deliver a coherent, scalable architecture that can handle the complete range of e-business and enterprise solutions. Without a consistent infrastructure to ensure data integrity, the best you can achieve is a partial solution -- one that doesn't fulfill the promise of e-collaboration. Today, it's not enough to just access a vast quantity of information. You've got to be able to take that information and do something productive with it.

Today's market leaders are flexible, with dispersed partners operating as a single, connected team. They are agile, with supply chains responding in real-time to customer needs. And they are powerful, with field staff empowered to make decisions -- and take action.

Businesses and consumers rely upon electronic means to both distribute and obtain timely information. The digital world eliminates the boundaries of time and space and allows businesses to respond faster to market requirements. InfoBuilders' e-solutions solve the complexities associated with many aspects of e-business. We solve clients' needs globally, from security services to virtual learning.

InfoBuilders' complete line of e-solutions includes:

Internet, Intranet & Extranet Services

InfoBuilders can improve your e-Business performance by conceiving, building, designing, supporting and optimizing scalable Internet, portal-based and m-Commerce solutions that improve your business performance, enable customers and suppliers to efficiently interact with your company -- and give you faster-time-to-time-market. InfoBuilders' e-Business services create information-based, virtual supply chains among buyers and sellers. We offer you a range of cost-effective and easily customized e-Business solutions that are delivered either standalone or as part of a larger corporate-wide systems integration and software development project.

E-Solutions Approach

At the heart of our eBusiness offering is a range of solutions called Enterprise Intelligence. This is the driving force behind the necessary business integration of the Enterprise and its communities. It includes eStrategy, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Application Integration, Knowledge Management and Enabling Technologies as cornerstone services that truly link businesses together. It is not just systems integration but Business Integration!

Our Approach

The following are the key steps in realizing a full-blown e-business strategy:

e-Business vision/strategy - Defining the destination the client wants to reach and the broad means to reach the destination
   and understanding the clients vision
e-Business process mapping - Naming and defining the business processes required to operate the E-business strategy
e-Engineering processes - Defining the workflow, roles and responsibilities and the process measurements to be applied to the
   business processes evolved in the previous step. Business processes would be defined that would embrace and exploit the
   power of technologies and various spaces such as:

      CRM Vignette, Seibel, Intershop
      SCM and e-business i2
      ERP, SAP and ORACLE
      B-2-B Ariba and Commerce One

Technical Architecting - Breaking down the mission critical information-systems specified in the previous step into the technical
   architecture that includes specifications for the multiple layers: network and operating systems, database and application
Specific EAI strategies would also be evolved based on technologies such as: TIBCO, Citrix, Vitria, webMethods
Implementation - Implementing the hybrid architecture systems defined in the preceding steps with accompanying process
   design changes and change management interventions
Measurement - Measurement consists of determining whether the process outputs and business results approximated the
   desired output specified in the e-business vision. It helps tune performance to close the gap between the desired outputs and
   the actual outputs
Improvement initiatives - All the new processes thus implemented have to be under continuous improvement. This step results
   in defining the improvement initiatives for the key business processes

The e-business practice of InfoBuilders starts with identifying the customer's problems and needs and providing a total solution to the problem/fulfilling their needs. At InfoBuilders, we are clear that e-business is first and foremost about business innovation. We believe that digital strategies deliver when business acumen and technology converge. Which is why our e-business focus addresses the entire gamut of business requirements -- from establishing a meaningful Internet presence and content management and portal solutions to B2B integration, enterprise application integration, mobile commerce and web security.